Five Tough Jobs that Pay Well

Five Tough Jobs that Pay WellSome of the best paying jobs are also the most challenging. The workers have to deal with a variety of tough situations on a daily basis. Besides that, they can’t let their emotions get the best of them. During an interview for one of the following five positions, applicants must display intelligence, good work ethic, compassion and honesty.

1. Physician

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a physician can earn more than $166,400 per year. Those who specialize further within the field of medicine usually earn the most. One of the toughest fields to enter is pediatric oncology. A pediatric oncologist treats children who have cancer or a blood disorder. Although rewarding, the job can also be emotionally draining. The average salary within the pediatric field is $192,148.

2. Lawyer

A lawyer provides legal representation to individuals, business or government agencies. It’s the attorney’s job to act as the client’s advocate and advisor. One possible option is for students to become a Wrongful Death Lawyer San Jose. Wrongful death attorneys handle complex cases to help families get justice after losing a loved one. While the job is emotionally difficult, it pays well. In fact, the median annual wage for an attorney is $112,760.

3. Registered Nurse

Working as a registered nurse (RN) takes patience and dedication. Besides taking care of patients, RNs also educate the public about various health-related issues. Nurses even provide emotional support to patients who are going through a difficult time. Without nurses, hospitals would have a difficult time staying open. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage of a registered nurse is $64,690. The top 10 percent of registered nurses earn more than $95,130 annually, which means that the nursing field has great income potential.

4. Principal

Elementary, middle and high school principals have a tough but rewarding job. They evaluate the school’s progress and manage day-to-day operations. It is their job to lead teachers and other staff members. The principal must implement programs to help the school and students succeed. On average, a principal makes $86,970 a year. Those who work at top school districts can make more than $129,480 annually.

5. Federal Agent

FBI agents conduct sensitive national security investigations. Some of the investigations may involve terrorism, white-collar crimes, public corruption and civil rights violations. The job requires both mental and physical toughness. FBI agents receive pay based on years of experience. Therefore, they can earn anywhere from $64,958 to $146,482 per year.

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