Four Fabulous Job-Hunting Tips for Novices


New to the current job market? Most job searching is now done at home from a personal computer. Here are some tips to help you navigate through the process.


Look for Specialized Sites

Larger job boards are a great starting place for ideas, but are also a way for your resume to get lost in the crowd. Search the web for industry specific sites. There are many different types of specialized job boards which include postings in hospitality, law, medical, technical and much more. By seeking out these smaller sites, you can save time and your resume can get more views.


Strong Resume and Cover Letters

Make sure to clean up your resume and use active language. Another important step that may be tempting to skip is the cover letter. Most online job boards offer the chance to include a cover letter. Create a basic cover letter for your field, highlighting your qualifications; you can find templates online. For each application, do two minutes of research in the company to write a short paragraph in the letter about how you would fit the job and with the company itself. Also, when printing paper resumes, get quality resume paper; it will show employers that you are serious and could make your application stand out.


Follow Up in Person When Possible

It is hard to forget a face and a handshake. Some online job applications specify not to apply in person, so make sure to look for that before contacting human resources. When possible, however, make person-to-person contact via phone or in person after applying online. Avoid calling multiple times; however, remember that a single inquiry about the possibility of bringing in a resume can give you the opportunity to make an impression.


Follow a Routine No Matter How You Feel

In the age of instant messaging and fast food, people like quick results. Unfortunately the job market rarely turns in your favor that swiftly. However, that does not mean that the right job isn’t out there; the search may just take extra time and effort. The key is to set a daily goal for how many job applications you will fill out, as well as application follow-ups. Whether you feel encouraged or discouraged, follow through with your job search routine. It is this kind of persistence that eventually pays off, and also will also help you in your future job.


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