Top 5 Jobs With The Brightest Outlook For The FutureThe job market is constantly changing. All job seekers should try to obtain skills employers want. Choosing a career in one of these fields will ensure lucrative job opportunities over the next decade.

Network Administrator

Network administrators work in a variety of industries. They are responsible for ensuring all Internet and Intranet communications systems are working properly. Most network administrators have a bachelor’s degree. However, some network administrators only have an associate’s degree or certifications. The median annual salary for network administrators is $69,160.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses provide care to patients in hospitals and other healthcare settings. All registered nurses must have at least an associate’s degree in nursing. Registered nurses who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing have the best job prospects. People wishing to become nurses can meet the BSN requirements by attending an accredited registered nursing training program. The median annual salary for registered nurses is $64,690.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers assist in the design and supervision of large construction projects. Civil engineers spend most of their day in an office environment. However, they occasionally work outside to supervise construction projects. The median annual salary for civil engineers is $77,560.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapist help people manage their pain and improve their movements. They frequently work with people who have been involved in an accident that caused a physical injury. Physical therapists work in a variety of health care settings. People who have a doctorate degree in physical therapy have the best job prospects. The median annual salary for physical therapist is $76,310.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work alongside doctors and surgeons. They are trained to examine and diagnose patients under the supervision of a doctor. They work in a variety of health care settings. Most people in this profession have at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, Physician assistants usually take two additional years of courses to become licensed. The median annual salary for physician assistants is $86,410.


Pursuing a career in one of these fields will provide you with the financial security you want for your future. Most of these jobs only require a bachelor’s degree. When you get a degree in one of these fields, you will have a great career with a great salary.