4 Things to Consider if You’re Injured on the Job

Workplace accidents can happen in any workplace environment no matter how many safety procedures and policies that are in place. If you are unfortunate enough to become one of the many employees injured on-the-job, it’s important to know what actions to take to ensure that you can recover quickly without stressing about finances. Most employers in most states are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance to pay for medical bills and lost wages that arise because of a workplace accident. If you aren’t sure what you’re duties are as an employee injured at work, keep these 4 tips in mind.

Report Your Injury to Your Employer in Writing

Unless you have a serious injury that requires immediate transport to the hospital, you should take the time to write up a report to give to your employer stating that you;re injured and require treatment for recovery. Informing your employer that you’re injured and seeking treatment is a must, and failing to do so may affect your ability to receive compensation.

Ask Your Employer About Restrictions When Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

It is your employer’s responsibility to inform you of any restrictions that pertain to filing a worker’s compensation claim. The restrictions may include time frames and deadlines for filing your claim or receiving treatment. Once you know the restrictions, it can help guide you in the right direction to ensure that your claim is approved.


Choose a Doctor or Specialist Covered by the Plan

Worker’s compensation plans will network with different doctors and specialists to provide care to injured employees. When you’re filing your worker’s compensation claim, be sure to ask about covered providers before you schedule any appointments for treatment. This will prevent delayed appointments, delayed treatment and out-of-pocket expenses for medical care.

Even a Minor Injury Claim May Require Assistance From an Attorney

Worker’s compensation insurance companies are insurance companies. This means that they will try and find legal ways to deny claims. Some individuals don’t fight denials, but you shouldn’t accept a claim denial. If the insurer isn’t covering your claim, Maus Law Firm attorneys can help you fight the denial so that your medical bills and lost wages are covered.


Make sure that you take the time to follow all of the necessary steps to file your workplace injury claim. By doing this, you’ll give yourself the time you need to recover without going through a stressful situation that could delay your ability to get better.

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