What Recession? 3 Job Fields That Are Growing Fast!

With the economy on the upswing, people are embracing the opportunity to get back to work. While some positions have been restructured or no longer exist due to layoffs, there are other jobs that have actually seen growth during the recession. Here are three fields that offer stability and show no signs of slowing down!

What Recession- 3 Job Fields That Are Growing Fast-

1. Education

The world will always have children in need of instruction and adults who wish to further their education in order to advance. Public-school teachers can earn tenure for their years of working in a government job. Similarly, college professors enjoy tenured, recession-proof careers. When the economy was at its lowest, college enrollment actually increased due to more adults looking to earn their degrees, train for a new field, or enhance their marketability. As the situation continues to improve with more jobs opening and greater loan borrowing potential, students will have access to more income to enroll in college courses.


2. Certified Public Accountant

If there are only two things you can be sure of in life, it’s death and taxes. Unless you believe in reincarnation, the latter certainly occurs on a more repetitive basis. CPAs are hired by individuals and business owners to file taxes with the IRS. They also make sure that information is correct and may represent their clients during tax reviews and audits. While this profession is not exactly glamorous, it does provide long-term employment and stability.


3. Manufacturing and Construction

One of the most important aspects of a functioning country is its infrastructure. Roads, highways, and buildings always get top priority when it comes to building or making repairs, which is why the fields of manufacturing and construction saw an increase of growth during the recession. Even now, the number of contracts for construction and manufacturing services are still high, especially for asphalt paving in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Expect transport to grow exponentially since many people are on the roads commuting to and from work, and commercial shipments are taking place. The demand is high for professionals who are able to secure Michigan’s roads against the effects of snow-melting salt, winter potholes, and the humid summer temperatures responsible for uneven conditions. The most notable aspect is that this job can’t be outsourced.



These three fields are among the top choices that people are picking to get back into the workforce. They are accessible, pay well, and have proven their ability to withstand the perils of a changing job market.

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