The Essentials for a Safe Work Environment

Each and every employee deserves to feel safe and healthy at work; not only that, but it is a legal requirement for every workplace, too. The health and safety of employees must be maintained at all times by employers, but this doesn’t mean that employees shouldn’t contribute, too, by acting accordingly, sensibly and whilst following the rules.

There are a variety of factors and measures which constitute a safe working environment.

Ensure the Workplace is Free from Hazards

Hazards come in many forms, whether it’s a physical hazard or obstacle which could cause an accident, or an environmental hazard such as harsh chemicals. Depending on your business, hazard prevention techniques need to be formed around the hazards most likely for your specific business. Hazards don’t just appear through the everyday running of the business itself; they could also appear through other internal workings, such as a cleaning routine from an external cleaning company, or a delivery company who have unloaded goods in a hazardous manner. Slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents at work, and can be caused by any individual working or visiting your business premises.

If your employee suffers a workplace accident, they are entitled to make a claim through a compensation company such as That is why it’s crucial to prevent accidents before they happen.

Provide Suitable Equipment

If your business deals with construction or warehouse work, for example, then your health and safety equipment will be on a much larger scale in the form of ear protection, eye protection, gloves, and high-visibility vests, to name a few. You need to ensure that all workers not only have access to the correct health and safety equipment and gear, but fully understand how to wear or use them through adequate company training.

Suitable equipment extends further into office-based jobs, as workers will also need a safely set up desk station. This can include proper chairs, footrests and correct monitors to ensure no work-place injury is suffered in the form of repetitive strain or back problems, for instance.

Suitable health and safety equipment applies to any worker in any job position.

Have Safety Procedures in Place

Any workplace needs to have an identifiable safety procedure, and all its employees need to be aware of what this is. The most important of this is what to do in the event of an evacuation or fire. All employees need to be aware of the quickest evacuation route and where all the emergency exits are. These also need to be labelled and signposted easily and correctly. You should also ensure that fire exits are never blocked or obstructed, even temporarily.

Your business should also install items such as fire extinguishers to increase workplace safety. There should also be a designated first aider on-site at all times, and relevant first aid kits in more than one location to refer to should an accident occur or first aid treatment is needed for any individual.

How to Find a Job on Craigslist

One of the many benefits of the internet is that it has made life easier in so many aspects and job hunting is one of them. It is a cheap and a trouble free method for the employers and the response rate is usually higher. There are a few tricks from a professional craigslist ad poster through which you can secure a job in no time but before you apply for a job make sure that it is legitimate.

How Can You Tell that the Job Posting is Legitimate?

  • Try to discuss on call before sending your resume. Sometime ad posters do this to gather email list for email marketing purpose.
  • The first thing to notice when it was published. Usually the employers find their ideal worker within one week. If the post is older than two weeks then it is probably a scam.
  • Ads with phone numbers are usually legit Jobs.
  • Don’t give your private and personal information to anyone at any cost. If you feel that the employer is pushing you too much to give out your bank account information or your online social media, then do not fall for it because it is definitely a scam.
  • Do your research on the company and learn what it does as much as possible. Use your stalking skills and don’t shy away from asking them details about their company.
  • If you think that the employer is being unprofessional in terms of discussing terms and demands then trust your gut feelings. Perhaps it is a scam. To make sure that you are right simply ask the employer to give your contract in writing to make things official.

Now that we’ve enlisted all the major dangers that you can face while applying for a job, we should move on to the main course of our article:

How to get a job on Craigslist in 5 simple Steps?

  1. Locate the email address of the employer. Usually the address is given within the ad, but if not, then there is usually a reply button at the top left corner of the ad. Just click on it and contact the employer.
  2. After clicking on the reply button a default mail would open. If the email address is given within the body of the ad then just copy and paste it into an empty mail box.
  3. Now the most important part of any mail is its components. Make sure that you write a short and brief email that doesn’t include too many details. Keep it simple and specific. Discuss the job, attach your resume and requested samples (if any), your proper credentials, and send it to the employer. If he is interested then he’d contact you.
  4. Do not demand too much. Once the employer has made contact with you regarding the job, it is okay to bargain a bit about your payment, but it is not okay to push the matter to hardly. For an employer, you are replaceable.
  5. After everything is finalized make sure that you get your legal documents in place. Like mentioned earlier, demand your contract in writing. All of the paperwork should be in a form to be challenged in a court if need be.

Conclusion: If you are confident about your qualifications and you have what the employer is seeking, you can land a job. If you follow all of the tips that are mentioned here – if you are careful about choosing the right job and if you compose your mail cautiously, then your chances of getting a job increase. Do not fall for scammers. As a craigslist ad poster trust me there are soo many scammers out there to create email list for email marketing. Often they are easy to spot. They wouldn’t spend too much time sticking with you if they can’t seem to compel your personal information out of you. Follow the guide lines I mentioned above to avoid them. Once you have applied, you can relax and let your potential future employer contact you.      

How to Find a Massage Therapist Job in Colorado Resorts

Massage therapy is a wonderful profession to pursue. As a massage therapist, you will be helping individuals with problems in their muscles, connective tissues, tendons, and ligaments. 

Other issues that patients may see a massage therapist for are injuries, stress, anxiety, and depression. Massage therapy is a fantastic healing and soothing method because it relaxes the client and helps manage their pain and mental condition. 

If you are interested in becoming a massage therapist and working in one of the Colorado resorts, there are several steps to achieve in a certain order to accomplish this goal.

Complete a massage therapy program

After earning a high school diploma, you are immediately able to pursue a massage therapy program. 

You have the choice to earn a certificate or diploma option in massage therapy. Whichever program you choose, it is important to make sure that it is recognized by Colorado’s licensing board. 

Most programs consist of both academic and clinical work and take around a year to complete. It is necessary to concentrate on the knowledge of the coursework along with the hands-on experience of the clinics to gain the skills to do well in this career field.

For a list of accredited massage therapy schools in Colorado, click here.

Pass the massage therapy national exam and become a licensed massage therapist

It is important to note that the state of Colorado requires anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed massage therapist to have at least 500 hours of training from a board-approved massage therapy school. 

You will need to make sure that your program was nationally accredited and approved by the Colorado Division of Private and Occupational Schools

Additionally, you must pay an application fee when you apply for the licensure exam. There are two different options of examinations you can take: The Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam or the Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork exam. Following a passing score on one of these national examinations, you will officially be a licensed massage therapist.

Begin job searching and interviewing at Colorado resorts

After succeeding in each of these goals and becoming a licensed massage therapist, it is time to find a place to begin and thrive in your massage therapy career. 

There are plenty of job boards online where resorts are hiring massage therapists. It may also be a good idea to go to the resorts in Colorado and speak to the employer or human resources to find out if they are hiring. 

Kindly, let them know you have just become a licensed massage therapist and are interested in beginning your career with their resort. 

The next step in the hiring process would be getting an interview. During the interview, relax and show them your skills. 

Assuming that the interview is successful, you will be employed as a massage therapist at an incredible Colorado resort.

The Best 5 Ways to Find the Right Job for You

Finding any job at all nowadays seems to be becoming increasingly difficult, let alone finding a job that suits you perfectly. However, there are some tips that can help you to not only identify what type of jobs are right for you, but to also actively help you go out and secure those roles.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, whether you’re someone fresh out of University, or just someone looking to switch careers, we have a few pointers that should have you headed in the right direction.

Understand your strengths, weaknesses and transferable skills.

It is not particularly easy to look at yourself as a package of different skills, but that is how you will be viewed by any potential employer. If you have recently graduated then it will be difficult to identify where your transferable skills lie, so asking a few friends on your course might help.

For any good CV going forward it is important that you are sure of where your strengths lie and that you are confident in talking about them at length, whether that be on a phone or in an interview. Making sure that you have identified areas that you can improve on is key too, and shows that you have a mature approach when it comes to developing yourself as a potential employee.

Identify the jobs you want to do

This probably sounds like the simplest piece of advice ever, but it is clearly important that when you’re looking for a job you are doing it for YOU and no one else. You know yourself best and understand what you are going to enjoy most as a vocation, many people have romantic notions when it comes down to job role titles and the status, they hold but the most important thing has to be happiness.

Not only is it a good idea to identify these jobs but it is also important to scan a wide number of job roles in the area to see where you would be most happy specializing. By comparing and contrasting different job posts online you will also be able to see what each company is asking for in terms of skill sets and qualifications, which leads on to the next point.

Identify where you need to improve

You may not already have the skills or the qualifications you need to secure the job of your dreams just yet. That’s ok, as the old adage goes nothing worth having comes easy. What it is important for you to do now is to be clear about where you fall short, and note down the areas you need to improve.

I have heard of people applying for jobs that they knew they were not best qualified for in order to get specific feedback as to why their application failed. So if you have a strong chin that might also be a painful but ultimately important step in identifying how to best break into the industry.

Get professional careers advice

By now you have a strong understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and transferable skills. You have also taken the time to not only identify the jobs you want to go into but realise where you might be falling short. It is important to get professional help in order to make sure the preparation you have done up to now goes into making the right next step.

If you provide a careers advisor with the information you have collected, they will be able to help you in a number of different ways. First and foremost, careers advisors see thousands of CV’s a year, they will be able to give you the best possible pointers on how to improve your overall CV structure and content. Your CV is what sets you apart from everyone else, it is the face that the hiring professionals at the companies you apply for see, its critically important that it is up to date and in the best possible condition. One of the ways that you yourself can make sure there are no embarrassing mistakes in your CV is you double check your grammar, and look for common mistakes in written English.

Secondly, professional careers advisors have an in depth understanding of the job market and know what exactly which qualifications are respected and sought after by companies. The careers advisor will be able to point you in the direction of a course or a role that will help build up the skills you have identified as lacking.

And finally, they might surprise you with something you hadn’t previously thought about. Careers advice staff talk to people with all types of different personalities and from a wide array of backgrounds. They are very good at identify jobs that individuals would be good at. An advisor might suggest a job role that you had never thought about before, and it might just be perfect for you.

Make a plan and stick to it

Once you’ve identified how to take the next step on the path to your dream job it is important to set a goal and attack it. There is no point in having done all of that hard work to stop now, so it may take time to develop new skills and it might cost money to undertake a course whether it be short or long, but you know that it will be worth it in the end.

People can spend years and years in jobs that they don’t like, simply to pay their way and to make sure they’re putting food on the table. It doesn’t have to be like that, by identifying a few key things that separate you from your dream job you can begin on a path that can quickly lead you in a positive career direction.

Getting a new job can be difficult, it can be stressful, and it can be hard work.  But is it really going to be any more difficult or stressful than plodding along in a job that you hate? I think not! Be brave and take the first step on your new journey today.

Author Bio

Anna Clarke is the owner of online writing company 15 Writers. She is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in freelancing, academic dissertation writing consulting, specializing in Business, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Management.    

A Guide To Success In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality sector includes 4 specific core areas, within which there are sub-sectors, including bars, hotels, restaurants, conference and events, theme/amusement parks, travel services, and even more beyond that. Whether you’re currently already part of this sector, or you’re looking for employment in this field, there are always ways you can improve your performance to aid in a successful career and really make the most of your work.

Create the Best Experience with Attention to Detail

When you enter into the hospitality field, the top priority is always to ensure that guests have the best possible experience. The best way to do this is to stay hyper-focused on the details of the establishment and its interactions with patrons. From special personal touches, like fresh flowers, to keeping a high industry standard with thoroughly cleaned spaces. Don’t forget personal interactions; treat everyone as their own person, not a number or just another person in line. It’s the details that really make an experience and keep people coming back.

Stay Up to Date with Eagerness to Learn New Things

Another necessary key to success in this industry is to stay up to date with the wants and needs of your consumers. This is a rapidly growing, fast-paced field, and things are always changing, so be willing to learn new things and change right along with it. If your facility or service is dated and doesn’t offer what’s necessary, there’s not as much incentive for people to frequent your establishment. It’s important to stay relevant, so keep up with trends.

Keep Consumers Safe with Preparedness

Even with a modern facility and nice details, if your area of service is not prepared for emergencies, it could really negatively impact the facility. Even though it’s not especially common, emergencies of all kinds can pop up at any point, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to step up to any situation- weather, injuries, or otherwise. Staying calm and knowing what to do will not only keep everyone, yourself included, safe, but it will also bolster and uphold your reputation.

Working with and for people may not be for everyone, but if it’s something you’re interested in doing long-term, success depends on your dedication and positivity. It can be very challenging at times, but it can also be a very rewarding industry to be involved in.

6 Unique Engineering Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Studying engineering opens doors to a range of different job opportunities. While some jobs in the petroleum and construction industries are pretty well known, others don’t get their fair share of attention. Armed with a mechanical engineering degree, you can search engineering jobs and find opportunities in industries that are vastly different. For instance, a qualified mechanical engineer can land a job working as a medical engineer developing medical equipment or choose to travel the world as a Formula 1 racing engineer, attending Grand Prix events. The opportunities truly are endless. To help you lock on to an engineering job you would love to do for the rest of your life, the following are 6 interesting engineering jobs that are high paying and interesting.

Online Privacy Engineer: The role of a privacy engineer is to find software solutions to implement a company’s privacy policy. Most major online players such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others have multiple job openings for privacy engineers. As the threat of hacking grows in the future, the role and opportunities in privacy engineering are only going to increase.

To land a job as a privacy engineer you need a BS in computer engineering with a diploma in privacy engineering. A CIPT certification is often mandatory along with strong software development skills.

Preservation Engineer: Preservation engineering is a branch of structural engineering and architecture. The job entails preserving and restoring the structural integrity of old heritage buildings. Preservation engineers often work to preserve a single building as restoring and maintaining certain buildings needs constant attention.

Special Effects Engineer: The role of a special effects engineer is to design mechanical and hydraulic systems necessary for practical special effects in movies and television shows. The job requires a degree in mechanical engineering with a diploma in mechanical FX. The fun aspect of the job is the opportunity to create custom rigs using the combined principles of animatronics and robotics.  

Toy Engineer: Large multinational toy manufacturers such as Mattel routinely look for freshers with mechanical and manufacturing engineering degrees. Apart from designing new toys, engineers are also responsible for making manufacturing systems that can produce them at a factory level. However, being surrounded by toys all day but not being able to play with them can turn out to be a bummer.

Sustainable Architect/Engineer: For engineers who want to work towards making the world a better place, sustainable architecture can be a great career path. The role of a sustainable engineer is to design and oversee the construction of buildings that do not negatively affect the environment. This can mean the careful selection of sustainable building materials as well as finding energy efficient electrical components. The job of a sustainable engineer also involves implementing smart solar solutions that seamlessly blend in with the architecture.

Brake Engineer: Did you know there are specialized engineers for designing braking systems for supercars and bikes? These engineers are responsible for designing new mechanical and hydraulic braking systems that go everything from snowmobiles to fighter jets. A degree is mechanical engineering is often the basic requirement to secure job as a product engineer for a brake manufacturer.

Best Growing Companies to Work For in Utah

Business in Utah has grown dramatically in the past decade. What was once a state known primarily for its beautiful natural scenery is now known as one of the best states in which to do business. In recent years, Utah has earned the nickname “Silicon Slopes” due to the amount of information technology, software development, and hardware manufacturing businesses that have been founded in or have relocated to the beehive state.

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Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in Australia

Did you know that an online MBA in Australia will provide you with a whole lot of competitive advantages when it comes to finding a job and being successful at it? If you have never thought about it before, the fact of the matter is that there are many different types of jobs and careers that you can get into once you get your MBA. It really does not matter whether you study on campus or online. The point is that your career opportunities will be virtually limitless with an MBA in your arsenal. So, what kind of jobs can you get with your online MBA in Australia?

1. A Sales Manager

Yes, to be a sales manager, you obviously need to be a good marketer, a people person, and you need to know how to make goods and services outshine the others. However, this is not the only part of being a sales manager. To be fully successful in the world of sales, especially in a higher up position, you need to have a strong grasp of resource allocation, financial planning, and other such things. An MBA can definitely get you on the right track.

2. A Product Manager

Another type of managing position that you can go into with an MBA is that of a product manager. If you do not know what this is, product managers are all about ensuring that products are produced in a cost-effective manner, that they are being marketed well, and that the products meet and exceed quality standards. Having an MBA in your arsenal will help provide you with the administrative, financial, and business skills needed to be a good product manager.

3. An Entrepreneur

Moving away from managing other people’s companies for a minute, with an MBA, you can start and operate your own business. Yes, there is more to running a business than business administration alone, but it is one of the best degrees to have under your belt if you plan on being an entrepreneur. Yes, there are some things which only experience can teach, but the rest can be learned from a solid Master of Business Admin course.

4. A Business Consultant

If you get your MBA online, you can also become what is referred to as a business consultant. Do keep in mind that there are many different types of business consultants out there. The fact of the matter is that consulting is a big industry, and every type of business, especially the larger ones, often require it for success. Whether you are permanently staffed in one business, or your run a consulting firm, it’s a job that is always in demand. People who run businesses have questions, and with an MBA, you might have the answers they need.


Yes, we have listed 4 of the best and biggest roles that you can fill after acquiring your MBA, but there are still so many more. For instance, could be an account executive, a business development manager, a finance manager, and industry specialist manager, a general manager, and so much more.

MBA Career Opportunities

When all is said and done, you have to realize that an MBA is not just some degree that you get after paying a bunch of money. It is an invaluable educational process that will get your ready for nearly endless career opportunities further down the road.

Driving for Success in the Mountains: 4 Jobs That Might Be Suitable for You

There are over 4.4 million Americans 16 years and above working as drivers and more than 30% of civilian jobs require some form of driving. If you are thinking of relocating to the mountains, there are several available occupations where you can use your driving skills and earn a living. Moving to the mountains has its benefits including proximity to nature, clean air, and a healthier lifestyle. Mountain living is also associated with lower stress and anxiety levels.

Snowcat Operator

Snowcats are important equipment in snow grooming to prepare ski trails and snowmobile pistes. Maintaining ski resorts entails lots of work to keep snow groomed and picture perfect for visitors. In addition to a valid driver’s license, you must possess a snowcat certification. Training is essential to operate the snowcat which requires precision skills and to prepare you to go on more difficult terrain and complex jobs. For example, sculpting terrain parks and operating winch cats are jobs that need special skills and training. The salary ranges from $11-12/hour.

Shuttle Drivers

Guests of resorts need to be transported around the premises whether it is to the gondola, ski lift, or to their hotels in town. Resorts require qualified drivers to operate buses or vans. If you are a licensed driver, this is a promising option as the outlook for bus drivers is expected to grow to 6% from 2016-2026. In addition to an hourly wage which can go up to $15.87/hour per BLS stats, some resorts offer free snowboarding lessons, access to amenities, and overtime pay. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required and sufficient vehicle insurance cover if working as an independent transport provider.

Delivery Driver

Whether it’s a package or supplies to the resort, delivery drivers are very much in demand with the number of jobs projected to increase to 4% in the period 2016-2026 according to the BLS. They may collect, transport and deliver small or big shipments in the local area or neighboring towns. Most of the time delivery truck drivers move merchandise from a supply and distribution point to businesses and individuals. They are important players in the logistics support of mountain resorts and towns. Median pay is $14.06/hour.

Snow Plow Driver

Road clearing is part of what makes a mountain resort accessible. Snow plow drivers have their hands full during the winter season. They need to operate machines to remove snow and ice to make the roads safe for motorists. The vehicles may also deposit salt to melt the snow or dump sand to improve traction for vehicles. Snow plowing is a full-time job in the winter and involves machine training. Some may drive for the Department of Transportation or resort companies. You can also work as an independent contractor to clear snow off driveways, parking lots or walkways. Snow plow drivers receive $9-$30 an hour according to

Mountain living is a healthy lifestyle with physical and mental health benefits. If you love nature & the outdoors and decide to move, there are several driving occupations that you can take up from operating machines to transporting clients and goods.

Top 5 Green Jobs of the Future

Over the past few decades, scientists have studied changes in the earth’s climate and concluded that the planet is undergoing an era of warming. Considered today as the biggest environmental problem of our time, rapid climate change represents more than just a change in the earth’s average temperature. Experts also predict that this trend will continue and include more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in certain areas, an increase in the number, duration, and intensity of tropical storms. A global drive to start implementing more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions has resulted in the creation and flourishing of green jobs.

Massive investments in clean energy and green alternatives ensure that a lot of new industries will stay on top of the game for the next few decades. There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to earn a living while you are saving the planet. The jobs on this list represent a variety of interests, skill set, and educational background. Many of them also pay very well and will suit most people’s budget. If you are interested in pursuing a more sustainability-focused career, here are some of your top choices right now.

Clean Car Engineer

Transportation is one of the hottest green jobs category right now as the auto industry is succumbing to public demand to introduce to the nation’s fleet new vehicles that are more environmentally friendly – consuming less fossil fuel and produce minimal to zero pollution. This comes after growing public awareness about how much transportation depletes natural resources. Right now, transportation burns about two thirds of the oil in the USA and produces approximate a third of the country’s greenhouse emissions.

Clean car engineers are certainly in demand in the job market right now as the industry makes the shift to clean cars. They are tasked with ensuring the great look and feel of vehicles, and as well as the safety and security of new forms of transport. They may not be responsible for ensuring quality web traffic, but they are responsible for ensuring that the traffic we encounter in the future is powered by greener solutions, from alternative fuels to electricity.

Water Quality Technicians

Given the level of daily pollution, the increasing incidence of oil spills these days, and the current poor water treatments, water quality technicians are now more crucial than ever before. These technicians and technologists are often tasked with maintaining federally mandated and safe water conditions which humans and animals are okay to consume. They perform regular inspections and sample local water sources. Water quality technicians test for microbes and chemical contaminants in recreational, potable, and waste water to determine if the water meets local or global standards.

Essentially, these professionals are responsible for making sure that companies and cities around the world adhere to the designated standards for water quality.  Since water quality problems are still very much persistent, this is an increasingly important green job for almost every country in the world. Water quality technicians are working to generate creative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Environmental Lawyer

Environmental Lawyers advise clients on issues relating to air and water quality, hazardous waste, sustainability, and other environmental issues. They endorse better regulations and advocate for new policies that deal with clean water, clean air, global warming, land use and other environmental themes. Environmental lawyers are often responsible for making certain that companies are adhering to environmental regulations, although their primary tasks generally depend on where they work.

Environmental lawyers may work for non-profit organizations such as environmental advocacy groups, or the government. They can also choose to go into private practice, performing consulting work and representing different clients in court. As climate change becomes more and more relevant in public discourse, experts predict that this profession will continue to flourish. Learn more about what to expect from environmental professions here.

LEED-Accredited Design Professional

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is the most widely used green building rating system all over the world. It is used almost all building, community and home projects, ensuring an effective framework for sustaining healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Architects, engineers, designers and professionals involved in the construction process can take the LEED Professional Exams and earn their certification. This certification is the gold standard for environmental engineering and building and is a recognized symbol of sustainability achievement across the world.

The trendiest building designs today include vertical forest apartments and forest buildings. These tall structures come decorated with plants, that virtually cover the whole building. If you are involved in the construction industry, there is no doubt that becoming a LEED accredited professional will improve your career path. From construction and design, to operations and facility management, LEED professionals are in high demand. Becoming an LEED accredited professional (LEED AP) means that your name is included in the directory of LEED APs and provides you with more credibility to employers or clients.

Urban Grower

Urban growers represent two large sectors in the expanding green-jobs movement: food production and green building. Across the world, urban growers are regarded as most people’s first window into sustainable living. They are responsible for maintaining local gardens and green roofs which come in various sizes are often supported by local businesses, communities, non-profits, churches, even schools. These urban gardens are able to deliver locally sourced foods that are better for the environment because the growers ensure minimal use of pesticides, fossil fuels, and other resources to grow and transport food to market from larger commercial farms.

Urban growers are tasked with delivering locally sourced food and agriculture to communities to help encourage or boost their sustainability. However, urban growers and their green roofs also help enhance the urban environment through offering better building insulation and thus minimizing energy loss, managing storm water, improving air quality, and offering a great space for recreation. From aesthetically manicured roof gardens designed for recreation to local community gardens offering produce for restaurants and other food businesses around the country, the demand for green roofs and gardens are expected to continue growing.