Cook Jobs In Vermont, Vermont Resort Hiring Now!

Take your cooking experience, expert culinary skills and move them up to the mountains of Vermont! Based in one of Vermont’s most beautiful mountain areas, the Mad River Valley, top resort is now looking to add two experienced cooks to their resort, restaurant staff.

F&B Cook job requires a minimum of 6 months cooking experience with good knife/equipment skills and safety knowledge. Adherence to all safety and sanitization/hygiene standards is essential. Must be able to succeed in an often fast-paced environment, have a demonstrated ability to actively work as part of a team, and be able to work standing in a confined area for extended periods of time. Requires ability to lift 30 to 50 lbs. Must be able to create/organize cost effective menus. Timeliness and reliability are absolutely essential, as is availability to work weekends/holidays.

The F&B Cook III serves as a hands-on leader in all areas of the kitchen from quality food preparation to assisting with kitchen staff oversight, daily menu planning, inventory control, and kitchen sanitization. Our kitchens are professionally run by dedicated and skilled culinary enthusiasts.

At least 3 years cooking experience with a demonstrated supervisory capacity.

Supervise and train immediate kitchen staff: Cook I, Cook II, Utility and Dishwashers.

Work with Executive Chef/Kitchen Chef to evaluate employee performance/standards.

Regularly plan for and manage the organization of production areas, including the setting-up of stations according to kitchen guidelines, safety standards, and production needs

To learn more about these cook positions and how to apply, Vermont cook jobs

Vermont Ski Resort Job Fair – Head To Vermont This Halloween!

Big week for ski resort job fairs. Time to get off the fence if you have been pondering whether or not a ski season in the mountains is the right move for you this year.

Planning for at a ski season in the beautiful state of Vermont? Halloween, this Saturday, marks the start of Sugarbush Resort in Vermont ski season 09/10 job fairs. Here are the upcoming dates for Sugarbush …

Sat, Oct 31st (9 to 1) Gate House Lodge
Thurs, Nov 5th (4 to 8) Mt. Ellen Lodge
Tues, Nov 10th (4 to 8) Gate House Lodge
Fri, Nov 13th (4 to 8) Gate House Lodge

We’re looking for positive people with a friendly disposition and love of the mountains. Last year, Sugarbush was the recipient of the “Best Guest Service” award from the National Si Area Association. We know that it is the employees that made that happen, and we want to continue this great recognition by bringing on the best possible staff. At Sugarbush we often tell guests that they have an opportunity to “Be Better Here”. We expect nothing less from our employees.

Find out more details about the Sugarbush job fairs and get on up there!

New England Ski Resorts Seeking Ski Rental Shop Managers, Full-time Seasonal Jobs

Seeking experienced Rental Shop Managers for two top ski resorts in New England; two full-time seasonal job opportunities available, one located in New Hampshire, the other, Vermont.

Full-time seasonal career positions are how many ski resort area residents choose to earn their living. For example, you may manage a ski and board rental shop in the winter and a bike or kayak rental shop in the summer. Maybe you are a ski guide or a snowmobile manager in the winter and a fishing guide or landscaping manager in the summer. Seasonal careers are a popular option for ski town locals year after year.

The current ski resort Rental Shop Manager jobs we have available on are for Sugarbush Resort in Vermont and Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.

Here is the full description of the Sugarbush Rental and Repair Manager which gives a clear description of the job and the responsibilities of the position.

Rental Shop Manager.

Summary: This experienced position provides oversight and management of all Rental & Repair activity across the resort (both at Lincoln Peak and Mt Ellen locations) while ensuring that excellent guest service standards are maintained. The best candidate will demonstrate an ability to juggle a multitude of tasks while exhibiting a positive and professional attitude for guests and staff.

Responsibilities: The Rental & Repair Manager can skillfully serve in any role at the shop; and often does so to fill-in where needed. More importantly, regular responsibilities include:

* Providing staff guidance/training
* Overseeing staff levels/schedules
* Accurately managing inventory
* Working within established parameters for revenue, payroll and supply budgets
* The manager establishes and maintains clear and effective communication channels between staff and sets the tone for great customer service.

Additional duties will be to ensure secure closing of rental buildings; maintain proper cash control and register usage; perform skilled equipment tuning/repair and supervise technicians; monitor and communicate with VP of Sales any needs regarding inventory/supply levels; maintain development standards to keep abreast of latest gear, tuning/repair techniques, and machinery.

Tasks will be performed in an environmentally sound manner, especially in regard to proper education of hazardous materials and proper disposal of all waste products. Manager will lead weekly safety and service meetings to ensure that the safety of employees, guests, and oneself is of highest priority.

To view and apply …

Rental and Repair Manager, Sugarbush Resort

Rental Shop Manager, Loon Mountain

Highlights Of Sugarbush, Current Seasonal Jobs And The Mad River Valley Of Vermont

Thrilled to be able to highlight Sugarbush Resort today, one of the more popular eastern resorts located in the Mad River Valley in Warren, Vermont. If you took a look at yesterday’s Sugarbush jobs and want to know a little more about what sets Sugarbush Resort apart …

* Cat Skiing in the east!
Sugarbush bought a 12-passenger Pisten Bully cabin cat last year. The “Lincoln Limo”, as it has come to be known, transports guests up to the mid-mountain Allyn’s Lodge for specialty dinners and full-moon skiing and snowshoeing.

“But the real fun comes on powder days when the first 12 people to show up at Guest Services by 6:45 a.m. (or who call the night before) get to own the mountain until the lifts spin. The Lincoln Limo also makes us the only resort in the East to have cat skiing.”

* Expanded Terrain
75 acres of new wooded terrain at both Mt. Ellen and Lincoln Peak, creating new challenges and experiences for guests as well as removing the “fear factor” from wooded skiing and riding.

* SugarTube Video Sharing Platform, Ski and Ride School
Instructors will video lessons and then post the clips on private personal accounts created for guests of the Ski and Ride School. Using telestrating tools (think NFL instant replay) and voice over, instructors will analyze the lessons and offer tips on improvement. Skiers and riders will then receive video postcards of their lessons and have access to the on-line tools, and can ask the instructor questions via webcam or e-mail.

* Awards

  1. The National Ski Areas Association honored Sugarbush with its national award for delivering the “Best Guest Service.”
  2. – one of the most widely viewed ski & ride web sites – gives annual awards based on customer reviews. There, Sugarbush was voted “Favorite Overall Resort in the Northeast.”
  3. The Vermont Chamber of Commerce has named Sugarbush Chef Gerry Nooney Chef of the Year. The award recognizes Nooney’s history of supporting Vermont’s agricultural economy through the use of local food and products. The Vermont Hospitality Council, the tourism division of the VCC that oversees the state’s hospitality awards, will officially honor Nooney at its gala dinner on Wednesday, September 16 at The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa.

Although I spent plenty of time in Vermont throughout my childhood, I hadn’t discovered the Mad River Valley until the spring of last year. As you can tell from my experience there, I more than enjoyed myself and when I checked the Mad River Valley website today, felt this was well worth repeating,

“…an authentic ski town flair – breathtaking and easy-going all at once, yet rich with diversions for every taste. Best of all, we’ve got an uncanny ability to make you feel welcome, no matter where you turn. The Mad River Valley – our vibe is hard to define, and impossible to forget.”

Authentic …. our vibe hard to define, and impossible to forget, so true.

Now you may just want to go back and revisit those currently available Sugarbush Jobs!

Fall Is In The Air And Ski Resorts Smell Snow! Check Out Our Latest Ski Resort Jobs In Vermont!

Labor Day marks the start of a new hiring season in the mountains. For the next few months, ski resorts all across the US will be actively putting together their winter staff for the 09 -10 ski season. If you are looking for a seasonal job in a ski town this winter or you have been contemplating a more permanent move, now is the right time to firm up those plans.

Ski resort job listings have been steadily increasing on the web throughout the last month and now that September has arrived, fall is in the air, summer seasonal jobs are winding down and the “variable” weather is soon to kick in. Ski season is less than three months away so you’ve got the next couple of months to get organized and get settled in.

If you are planning to head to Vermont, with the spectacular New England fall foliage season about to begin, getting up there sooner than later would be a great plan. Looking for a job at one of Vermont’s top ski resorts? Sugarbush Resort, located in the Mad River Valley in Warren, Vermont is hiring for the upcoming ski season.

* Ski/Ride Instructors
We will be hiring for a variety of instructional positions for the 2009-2010 winter operating season. We are looking for enthusiastic instructors and coaches that are dedicated to bettering their own skills and instructing techniques and want to share their passion for snowsports with students. Full and part time positions are available; we also have opportunities for working short term assignments just during the holiday breaks

* Snowmaking Shift Leader
As an experienced snowmaker, shift leaders supervise a shift of 5 crewmembers in coordinating the team’s mission to deliver the highest quality and most consistent manmade snow surface of any Eastern Resort. This position of responsibility provides leadership in training, planning, and directing crew activity.

* Snowmaking Technician
Their mission is to deliver the highest quality and most consistent manmade snow surface of any Eastern Resort. This physically demanding job includes regular lifting, pulling and carrying, while working outside in sometimes extreme weather conditions. Snowmaking shifts run 12 hours with a staggered schedule of 4 days on 3 days off, then 3 days on 4 days off the following week.

* Night Auditor
Are you a responsible person who prefers to work nights- and maybe ski during the day? Sugarbush Resort is looking for a part time Night Auditor to provide night audit functions while overseeing the front desk of Clay Brook at Sugarbush.

* Clay Brook Housekeeper
In maintaining the high standards that our guests have come to expect, our housekeeping team is a critical component of Sugarbush Resort’s full-service lodging. Clay Brook, our premier luxury slope-side residency, is looking for qualified housekeepers to add to our team.

* Waitstaff/Server
Located in the Lincoln Peak Village at Sugarbush, Timbers Restaurant is looking to fill afternoon, evening, and morning shifts for qualified waitstaff that are ready to meet these standards as well as work efficiently and effectively as part of a larger service team.

* Snowmaking Shift Leader
As an experienced snowmaker, shift leaders supervise a shift of 5 crewmembers in coordinating the team?s mission to deliver the highest quality and most consistent manmade snow surface of any Eastern Resort. This position of responsibility provides leadership in training, planning, and directing crew activity.

Check out Sugarbush Resort Jobs on and stay tuned, tomorrow it’s going to be more about Sugarbush Resort and the very beautiful Mad River Valley of Vermont.

Covered Bridges, Country Roads And The Green Mountains Of Vermont

Nearing the end of my journey through Vermont, it all started coming back to me, so many incredible memories from my ten summers in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I stayed in Manchester, Vermont for the last night of my trip, a small town many people know for all of its designer store outlets. How did I end up in an outlet town for my final night in Vermont?

No regrets. Exhausted, I pulled into the first Motel I could find. The Weathervane Motel and the extremely friendly and accommodating owner quickly had me feeling right at home. She saw how tired I was, filled me in on where to hike and eat while her teenage daughter gave me the skinny on the shopping scene (a quick stop into Banana Republic and J. Crew).

Woke up the next morning, did a quick hike off Prospect Street and then headed into town where I found myself in front of the greatest (local) bookstore, The Northshire Bookstore. Had lunch at the connecting café (with free internet access), enjoyed the pleasant, mountain view and then headed out to begin my journey out of Vermont.

Like so many other beautiful resort areas, Vermont has had its share of growth in the past 10 years. Even with more people, more cars and new developments though, the unique character of Vermont remains. From just about anywhere, you can travel a short distance and you will find mountain trails, covered bridges, country roads, country stores, maple syrup and local bookstores. There is a strong community at the core of all of these small Vermont towns … still a special place where people enjoy the benefits of a simpler lifestyle and a slower pace. Nice trip. I’m sure to be back again.

Next Up … The Popular Town Of Stowe, Vermont

Stowe was the next stop up on my journey. It is one of the more (if not the most) popular ski towns in the east. Not only for its ski resort (Mt. Mansfield is the highest peak in Vermont), but for the actual town of Stowe itself which is and has always been a major draw. It definitely is the quintessential New England ski town and I can see why it attracts people from all over the world.

I was lucky enough to tour the area on a day with cloudless blue skies and 70 degree temperatures where big, happy, ear to ear grins were prevalent everywhere! Not unlike many of the ski areas in the Rocky Mountain West, six long months of winter is common there and can take its toll on even the most dedicated of skiers. A day in mid-April like this one had just about everyone outside and smiling. Moms with jogging strollers, bikers, hikers on the Stowe Recreation Path, and skiers heading uphill (6 miles) to the Stowe Mountain Resort for some late season skiing … all having a good time.

As far as the local economy, I learned from a couple of local residents that Stowe had an excellent season (in the tourist industry) which I am sure had something to do with the 374” of snow. On the way out, I read this article … Businesses wary, but no cliff in sight which provided some additional insight into their current state of affairs.

All in all, if you are looking for more of an equal balance between great skiing at your doorstep (in the east) and a great ski town (not just a ski area) … Stowe may be the way to go. Tomorrow … on to the Mad River Valley.

Spring Road Trip Through Vermont

I wasn’t completely sure of the plan … but honestly, when I travel, I never really am. Starting from the southern end of Vermont, Stowe and the Mad River Valley were definite destinations, but as for the before and after part of the journey … your guess would of been as good as mine.

Checking in on mom in the northeast (who is thankfully recovering wonderfully), I decided it was time for a visit up to Vermont. Has it grown much in the last 12 years, where are the jobs and can you compare ski town living in the east to the west?

By the scene and backed up traffic in Brattleboro in the late afternoon, my first question was quickly answered. Yes, Vermont has grown. Either I have been living in Wyoming for too long or that town has actually tripled in size. I remember spending a night or two there a couple of times in the mid 90’s and enjoying the small town, somewhat hippie, alternative lifestyle it had. This week, I drove in, through, and out on to my next destination. It really had more of a city feel to it and that was not on this week’s Vermont trip agenda. I am sure it is a great place, but it did not have the small, mountain town feel that I was searching for today.

My first night surprisingly enough ended up in Montpelier. It would have been easy enough to drive right on to Stowe, but this pleasant Vermont state capital town immediately drew me in. The town has a population less than 10,000, good restaurants, 3 coffee shops (not Starbucks!) within a two block radius, excellent proximity to outdoor recreation, non-resort/hospitality job opportunities and a real diverse population for a town in Vermont this small in size.

On one hand you have the more urban Burlington and Brattleboro, and on the other, Vermont ski areas with a large hospitality/tourism economic base. If you are looking for something in the middle … Montpelier may just be your place.

The Eastern Mountain Lifestyle – Vermont Living

In search of some Vermont stories to hear what the locals have to say about eastern mountain living, I came across Baby, It’s Cold Outside ….

These kind of soulful entries always get me. Real feelings about the mountain lifestyle beyond the skiing. Small town living is often not what city transplants were hoping for it to be, but for some it actually becomes even more fulfilling than they ever dreamt it could be. I recommend reading through the entries about living in Vermont … especially if this is something you are currently considering.

I fell in love with Vermont years ago. It wasn’t really about the mountains but more about the quaint New England towns, winding dirt roads, country stores and the peaceful feeling that always seemed to elude me back in NY. The Tetons, Jackson, Wyoming and wide open spaces eventually won my heart, but I do look forward to getting back to some of those Vermont towns very soon … hopefully on one of those warmer, snowy days.

A few excerpts …

Yesterday at the bookstore I heard a woman complaining to her friends who were just about on their way. “Don’t even bother,” she whined, with a distinctly unhappy New Jersey pitch. “I don’t know what these people do up here”

Funny and familiar.

The pleasures are slower here, but somehow when you get them just right, when everyone has been quiet all day reading, or drawing, and you come together in the afternoon, for some lively political discussion, or quiet talk about what feels really important to one of you right now, they seem deeper too.

Simple Pleasures … embracing and enjoying them.

The laughter after a few goofy sled runs, or the pile up on the bed when someone is sad, feels like we are living a life we were meant to live. The old one was fun too. But the malls made me wonder what I was missing.

Coincidentally, I was at one myself the other day and thought, “so this is what I have been missing” … no plans to go back anytime soon!

What Makes Your Mountain Town Special?

My love for the mountains began in the mid 70’s while staying in the small town of Salisbury, Vermont and hiking the trails of Mount Moosalamoo. From then on, I have always found something special about all of the mountain towns that I have visited throughout the years. They all have their own unique personalities and mountain ranges … filled with locals who obviously love being there (isn’t it often the people that make the town so special?).

New West is an excellent resource for learning more about what is going on in and around the Rocky Mountain West. Based in Missoula, Montana they cover everything from yoga to politics throughout the region. Today’s What Makes Whitefish Special is a great article about Whitefish, Montana.

A few excerpts …

One thing you don’t see is the attitude of the people living here, but you can feel it, and it’s definitely one thing that makes the town special. At least that’s what mayor Cris Coughlin believes.

“A lot of what keeps Whitefish special is the high level of community involvement,” she is quick to say. “We have real people, and I think that makes a big difference.”

Having an engaged citizenry might be the key to keeping any place special, and it appears to be working in Whitefish, especially when combined inherit physical beauty.

Monday, November 5th there will be a follow up article about what city leaders in Whitefish, Montana have done to keep their mountain town special.

… looking forward to reading it!

After all this talk about keeping your mountain town special and saving its soul, I just came across, We don’t want to be like you in the Aspen Times. Aspen may have its problems, but the truth is that beyond all the glitz, there are some really great people there and it is still one of the most beautiful areas that I have ever been to.