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In search of some Vermont stories to hear what the locals have to say about eastern mountain living, I came across Baby, It’s Cold Outside ….

These kind of soulful entries always get me. Real feelings about the mountain lifestyle beyond the skiing. Small town living is often not what city transplants were hoping for it to be, but for some it actually becomes even more fulfilling than they ever dreamt it could be. I recommend reading through the entries about living in Vermont … especially if this is something you are currently considering.

I fell in love with Vermont years ago. It wasn’t really about the mountains but more about the quaint New England towns, winding dirt roads, country stores and the peaceful feeling that always seemed to elude me back in NY. The Tetons, Jackson, Wyoming and wide open spaces eventually won my heart, but I do look forward to getting back to some of those Vermont towns very soon … hopefully on one of those warmer, snowy days.

A few excerpts …

Yesterday at the bookstore I heard a woman complaining to her friends who were just about on their way. “Don’t even bother,” she whined, with a distinctly unhappy New Jersey pitch. “I don’t know what these people do up here”

Funny and familiar.

The pleasures are slower here, but somehow when you get them just right, when everyone has been quiet all day reading, or drawing, and you come together in the afternoon, for some lively political discussion, or quiet talk about what feels really important to one of you right now, they seem deeper too.

Simple Pleasures … embracing and enjoying them.

The laughter after a few goofy sled runs, or the pile up on the bed when someone is sad, feels like we are living a life we were meant to live. The old one was fun too. But the malls made me wonder what I was missing.

Coincidentally, I was at one myself the other day and thought, “so this is what I have been missing” … no plans to go back anytime soon!

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