Most Beautiful Mountains of Washington State

If you admire the natural beauty of mountains and are either raring to visit or live in Washington State, it is always smart to know what locations you should prioritize! To this end, we offer you a list of the most beautiful mountains of Washington State.

Mount Olympus

Part of the Olympic Mountain Range, Olympus is not home to the gods, even though it does derive its name from the famous Greek mountain. What the mountain is, however, is stunningly beautiful. This provides plenty of ways to take advantage of amazing online work opportunities for people in mountain towns, for those more business-minded, especially in Port Angeles, the nearest town. For those eying this mountain for the challenge of climbing – be warned! While it is hardly the tallest on our list, the climb of Mount Olympus is still one of the most challenging.

Mount Rainier

Rainier is most definitely the tallest mountain on our list as well as the most challenging to climb. You will, obviously, not be able to do so in one push. In fact, the vast majority of climbers never actually make it to the top, choosing instead to give up halfway. You will need to look into a moving service to transfer your belongings in no time to one of the closest towns of your choice. We recommend Olympia if you are planning multiple attempts. Even if you are going to push for the top in one go, it is still wise to do your prep work as well as bring ample supplies and gear. It might weigh you down some, but it will provide a layer of much-needed safety.

Mount Shuksan

If you want to learn what it’s like to live in a mountain resort town, you could not pick a better place than Mount Shuksan. The mountain is renowned for its beauty throughout the world. And often lauded as one of, if not most beautiful, mountains. This means it well deserves its place on our list of most beautiful mountains of Washington State. If you have never been, we recommend visiting at least a few times to admire it under the guise of different seasons!

Mount St. Helens

As a famous volcano, Mount St. Helens offers unique beauty and scenery. Access to the crater itself is forbidden, mind you. But the surrounding hills all offer some very stunning vistas to admire, especially during spring and summer.

Tiger Mountain

This mountain offers plenty of hiking trails to admire its beauty, which is considerable! Fall is the perfect time to visit when the wash of colors takes your breath away. Note, though, that it won’t be the only thing stealing your breath. Tiger Mountain might not offer any spots for mountaineers to show off their climbing skills. But its trails are rough and arduous, so do prepare for quite a bit of physical exertion.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker may not be quite as tall or as perilous as Rainier is. But it is still the second most challenging mountain to climb on our list! If you are tempted to try your hand at hiking or climbing, you will need previous experience and a certain amount of provisions and equipment. It is recommended to look into quality containers that will not break on you, such as those offered by PortaBox Storage or similarly well-stocked sites. Keep in mind that you will need to camp on the mountain at least once before reaching the top!

Dragontail Peak

Dragontail Peak is named as such due to the top ridges whose long and thin appearance resembles the tail of the legendary beasts. Interestingly enough, the mountain panders to every type of mountaineer. Beginners can take accessible routes to the top if they know where they are or get lucky. At the same time, seasoned climbers can find quite a challenge. If that weren’t enough to motivate you to visit, then the scenery might! Dragontail’s beauty earns it a spot among the mountains we believe might inspire you to settle down more permanently and look into finding a well-paying job in the mountains to sponsor your ascents.

Mount Si

Mount Si is massively popular due to its convenient location and lower difficulty level, especially when combined with the beauty that makes it one of the most beautiful mountains of Washington State. Just note that if you are expecting to go all the way to the peak safely, it is ill-advised to attempt that without prior prep or training.

Mount Pilchuck

The scenery of Pilchuck numbers it among the prettiest mountains of Washington. But there is another reason we have decided to include it in our list. It is extremely beginner-friendly to all hikers and mountaineers out there! Mount Pilchuck used to serve as a lookout point in the past. This means its peak is quite accessible, so you can enjoy its beauty and amazing views without feeling like you climbed a mountain to get there.

Abercrombie Mountain

Offering another relaxing and scenic climb is Abercrombie Mountain. Similar to our previous entry, this mountain is not very challenging for climbers, at least when it comes to physical exertion. Visitors are warned to look out for grizzly bears who make the mountain their home. Still, the Selkirk Mountain Range view the mountain provides is well worth the minor risks.

Final words

Having gone through our list of the most beautiful mountains of Washington State, we hope you’ve found at least a couple of locations that are drawing you in. Be it as a place to visit and admire or a place to settle down near so you can always feast your eyes on its beauty. Just remember to always properly prepare for your hiking or mountaineering endeavors!

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