Tips for Getting Around Without a Car

Biking on the roadSometimes it sucks not having a car, whether you just have opted not to get one, or if you can’t actually get a license for health issues. However, let’s face it, cars are overrated! Who needs, ‘em! All they’re going to do is suck your wallet dry as gas prices start to climb, anyways. Besides, it is very possible to get around without a car if you keep your wits about you and find solutions that are affordable and convenient. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, as you are looking for ways that you can get around without having a car…

Get familiar with public transit in your area

The most obvious solution to getting around without a car is public transportation. The key, however, is to become incredibly familiar with the ins-and-outs of public transportation in your area. What you want to be looking for is every bus, train, commuter rail, and shuttle that runs through your neighborhood, and seeing how far they can carry you. Afterwards, price out whether it is worth it for you to get a public transit pass, or if you should just pay on a fare-by-fare basis.

Bikes are your best friend

You don’t need a car to have a set of wheels. When you don’t have a car, a bicycle can be your best friend. Not only is having a bike a great way to get physical exercise, but it is also a relatively quick way to get anywhere in your town within a matter of minutes, if you’d rather not wait around for public transit. Remember, though, that just like having a car means needing to learn how to do some auto maintenance, such as putting oil in the engine or air in your tires, so too is it important to learn how to take good care of your bike.

man walking

Live in great walking areas

This one may or may not be a little outside of your control, but if you’re going to have a lifestyle where you don’t have a car, then it’s worth looking into living in areas that are incredibly walking accessible. For people who drive everywhere, this might sound like a drag, but there is something incredibly refreshing to hitting the pavement and taking a stroll through your neighborhood. There are so many things that you pick up on that people who drive never even notice. However, it’s obviously not always possible to live in an area where walking gets you everywhere.

Find a carpool routine

Even if you use transit, get a bike, and walk everywhere you can, there will still be times that you need access to a car. For these times, or if you need a car to get somewhere regularly, then carpooling is always a great option. For example, if you always need a ride to or from work, then all you need to do is use your immeasurable charms to get a co worker to not mind giving you a ride when you need it! Or at least be pathetic enough that they feel sorry for you and end up offering a ride. Basically, don’t be too proud to ask for a ride.

Look at rideshare services

If you need a ride and are unable to carpool anywhere, it’s easier than ever, in today’s world, to get a ride in minutes, thanks to rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber. For a reasonable cost, you can pull up your phone and hail a car to your location in no time at all. The only downside, however, is that continuing to use rideshare apps gets quite expensive, if you use them all the time.

Two people driving

Be a good passenger

Most of all, if you’re going to consistently be riding with people, be a good passenger. This will take you farther than a bike ever will. Being a good conversationalist and making a point to know people makes it far more enjoyable to have you in the car. If you’re going to use someone’s passenger seat, that’s the least that you can try to do.

Winter Park

With a name like Winter Park Resort, you know the famous ski resort in Colorado is one that will be full of activities galore when the snow is on the ground. However, this famous winter resort is also one that thrives during the summer months as well making it a great place to find work if you are looking for summer employment.

Winter Park Resort features many different restaurants and a great village that always seems to have activates going on. With many shops and places to visit inside the village, the opportunities for jobs are great. Some of the most popular summer events held at Winter Park include:

•    Mountain Biking: With numerous trails and challenging paths, even the most experienced mountain biker can get their fill.
•    Mineral Panning: Go back in time and pan for gems and other goodies at the Mary Jane Mineral Panning experience. Fun for the whole family, this outdoor event is a relaxing experience.
•    Alpine Slide: At over 3,000 feet long, the Alpine Slide is the longest slide in Colorado. The slide is a great outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
•    Chairlift Rides: Once the snow is gone, there will be so much more to see. A chairlift ride offers you a unique opportunity to see all the beauty and nature that is covered up with the white stuff in the winter time.

Whether your forte is working in the lodging industry, restaurant industry, or you just want to find a great paying job in an outdoor environment, Winter Park Resort in Colorado has what you are after. Even though there is ‘Winter’ in the name, the resort is a great place to work no matter what time of year it may be and no matter how hot it is outside.

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Whitefish Mountain

Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana is a great place to both play and work all year round. Many in the resort industry who find the need for summer employment will come to Whitefish Mountain Resort as there is never a dull moment at this western paradise.

There are many outdoor activities that keep the Whitefish Mountain Resort busy in the summer months including:

•    Zip Line Tours: Whitefish Mountain Resort has one of the best zip line tours in the state. With six separate zip lines to enjoy, there is a thrill and adventure for everyone who takes a zip line tour.
•    Alpine Slide: This is fun for the entire family. With banked turns and fast straight-aways, the Alpine Slide will have your heart racing as well as your body.
•    Walk the Treetops: Take a guided tour like never before when you go 70 feet above the ground and literally walk the treetops. This popular adventure is one that gives you a unique perspective on nature and will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.
•    Hiking: Explore all that Big Mountain has to offer when you go hiking there. Take your time and enjoy all that the beautiful mountainside has to offer.
•    Mountain Biking: Whether you are an extreme mountain biking enthusiast or you are just a beginner, you will be able to get your mountain biking fill in at Whitefish Mountain Resort. With many paths and many possibilities, you are certain find the ride you are looking for.

If you are on the prowl for summer employment that will put your best skills to the test then you will certainly find a worthy challenge at the Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana. With so much to do both on and off site, there is almost no end to the amount of summer employment opportunities that the area holds for you.

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Teton Lodge

The Teton Lodge in Wyoming is on the slope side of the world famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The lodge is open the entire year and although it may be better known for the winter activities that are ongoing, the summer months are just as action packed. If you are looking for a place to work this summer that will challenge and delight you, the Teton Lodge in Wyoming is the place for you to go.

No matter what your skills are there is something at the Teton Lodge that will put them to good use. There is a spa and salon right on the premise that treats its guests to hours of uninterrupted spoils. The spa is open the entire year, but many will wait until the summer months to take advantage of all the sap has to offer.

The Teton Lodge also allows its guests to take advantage of tours that will delight anyone who is a part of one. The tours will offer a guided trip through the area and show those on the tour everything that the great Teton area of Wyoming has to offer.

The Teton Lodge is also home to one of the finest restaurants that Wyoming has to offer. The Cascade Restaurant and Bar provides fine food and fine drinks for its guests no matter what time of year it is and is always a favorite with those visiting the area.

Guests can also go to the roof top of the lodge and enjoy the scenery in relaxing fashion. The rooftop is home to a 24 person hot tub that is a great way to end a relaxing day and just take in some sights.

Couple the great amenities at the Teton Lodge with some really great outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rafting, fishing, and much more, and it is easy to see why the Teton Lodge in Wyoming will be able to offer you an abundance of employment opportunities this summer.

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Sun Valley

The Sun Valley Resort in Idaho is an all year mountain resort. Because there are just as many activities that happen in the summer months as there are in the winter months, the Sun Valley Resort represents a great place to go if you are seeking summer employment.

Some of the more popular summer activities that the Sun Valley Resort offers its visitors include:

•    Tennis: Some of the best tennis and tennis instruction in all of Idaho can be found within walking distance of the Sun Valley Resort. No matter what your skill level is you are bound to find a new tennis challenge at the Sun Valley Resort.
•    Hiking and Biking: With over 28 miles of paths and trails, there is something for every hiker and biker at Sun Valley Resort. Choose from challenging to relaxing and everything in between. No matter how involved you want to get, Sun Valley Resort will be able to accommodate you.
•    Horseback Riding: Enjoy the mountainside in style with a guided horseback riding tour. These tours allow you to relax and ride while you take in all the glorious sights. Choose from a basic one hour tour or an advanced tour that is an hour and a half long.
•    Kids Camps: Summer at the Sun Valley Resort includes summer camps for the little ones. There they will be able to enjoy a multitude of activities and will be sure to leave with lasting memories.

The Sun Valley Resort is the perfect place to seek summer employment if you enjoy working with others and you enjoy working outdoors. With so much to do outside, coupled with great dinning and shopping in the area, you can easily see why the Sun Valley Resort in Idaho is a place that will allow you to put your best talents to work for a great paying job.

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Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley’s Tahoe Resort in California may be best known for its winter fun, but there is a whole host of events that make the summers there just as great. That means that even when it is warm out, Squaw Valley is the perfect place to find a great job.

Squaw Valley has many outdoor activities that are all planned around the gorgeous summer days that only California can offer coupled with the beautiful mountainous region where Squaw Valley resides. Some of their most popular activities include:

•    Lagoon and Spa: A playground for young and old alike. Their lagoon and spa truly offers something for everyone.
•    Cable Car Rides: Take in the majestic mountain scenery with a cable car ride through the wilderness.
•    Ice Skating: Ice skate in your shorts and t-shirts on their huge outdoor ice skating rink.
•    Hiking: Take the cable car and choose from a variety of trails for you to hike.
•    Mountain Biking: Ride to your level with trails and paths from the beginner to the advanced.
•    Tennis: Enjoy world class tennis courts with scenery that can’t be beat.
•    Indoor Wall Climbing: Open all year round, this is the perfect family activity that is fun and affordable.

Add to all that the fact that there are several annual summer events at the resort and you quickly realize that Squaw Valley is the place to be no matter what time of year it may be.

With many restaurants and clubs in the area, the resort is one that is always teaming with life. If you are the type of person who enjoys working with others to help them enjoy the time of their lives and you enjoy the great outdoors, then there is almost certainly a position for you in the summer time at Squaw Valley’s Tahoe Resort.

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Grand Targhee

The Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming is certainly a resort that is much better known for its winter activities, such as great skiing, but it is also a resort that is open all year round and features plenty to do in the summer months as well. The Grand Targhee Resort is a great place to work in the summer months if you have a love for the outdoors and a love of people in general.

Some of the most popular things that the Grand Targhee Resort offers up its guests in the summertime include:

•    Hiking: Get lost on the mountain for an hour or a day with some of the most scenic hiking paths that Wyoming has to offer. No matter how much you have hiked in the past, a Grand Targhee Resort hiking trip will provide you with a new and exciting experience every time.
•    Mountain Biking: Some of the most beautiful and challenging mountain biking paths can be found on the mountain near the Grand Targhee Resort. Both beginners and experts can get their fare share of mountain biking in with weather that can’t be beat.
•    Outdoor Concerts: The summer months bring plenty of the biggest names in music to the Grand Targhee Resort. Their outdoor concert series is one that can be enjoyed by the whole family and will leave everyone happy at the end of the day.
•    Relaxing: What better way is there to spend a hot summer day than just relaxing with your family and friends? The Grand Targhee Resort has a great pool and other amenities that allow you to just kick back and relax if that’s what you wish.

The Grand Targhee Resort offers employment in the summer months for those who are ready and willing. If you are looking for summer employment in an unbeatable atmosphere, you may find what you are looking for at the Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming.

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Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge Crested Butte in Colorado has as much going on in the summer time as it does in the winter time. While many places in Colorado are known for their great skiing, Grand Lodge Crested Butte is also known for its wide array of summer activates as well.

If you are looking for a summer job and you enjoy the great outdoors, look no further. Grand Lodge Crested Butte has so many outdoor activities that it will make your head spin, such as:

•    Evolution Bike Park: Over 25 miles of downhill extreme biking paths.
•    Lift Rides: When there is no snow on the ground, there is still plenty to see and you can see it all with a lift ride. Take in the view of the gorgeous mountains that surround the area and realize just how beautiful the area can be.
•    Adventure Park: From bungee jumping to rock climbing, Adventure Park is the family place to be in Grand Lodge Crested Butte.
•    Events and Concerts: Bluegrass concerts as well as an unforgettable Fourth of July party make the Grand Lodge Crested Butte resort the place to be in the hot month of July.
•    Arts Festival: Held every year in August, the Grand Lodge Crested Butte plays host to one of the most spectacular art shows in the region.

Add a healthy mix of resultants and other local attractions and you can see why the opportunity for work at Grand Lodge Crested Butte is indeed great.

Working with people in an outdoor environment can be a great way to make a living. If you have been looking for just such a job you can find many opportunities at Grand Lodge Crested Butte in Colorado. You may even find that you want to stay on for the winter, though you will probably come to love the summer.

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Deer Valley

Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah is definitely known for its world class skiing. In fact, the resort was named the best in North America the last four years by Ski Magazine, but that doesn’t mean that this five star resort is any less action packed come summer time. With all the activities, both indoor and outdoor, the resort is a great place to find employment if you are looking this summer

Deer Valley Resort has some of the finest dining that Utah has to offer and no matter how hot or cold it is you can always find a great meal while visiting. Additionally, there are plenty of great shops and other places to visit that make the entire area one to covet.

However, it is what is on the outside that is probably most appealing to those who go to Deer Valley Resort to visit and to work including:

•    Hiking: Hiking can be enjoyed on your own, or by guided tour. With the many paths and trails to delight young and old, hiking near Deer Valley Resort is second to none.
•    Scenic Rides: The same chair lifts that take skiers to the top of the mountains in the winter time treats the summer guests to a scenic experience not to be missed. You can either take a trip up and down the mountainside and take in all the sights, or get off at a certain point for some hiking.
•    Music Festivals: The summer months see many talented music acts come into town for music festivals that feature some of today’s most popular tunes.

While it may not seem like it, Deer Valley is a great place to work, even in the summer time. For those who like to work in an environment of pure beauty and enjoy making other’s vacation dreams come true, Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah represents the perfect summer employment opportunity.

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Cascades Lodge

The Cascades Lodge in Killington, Vermont is a great place to visit all year round. That means that it is also a great place to work all year round. The Cascades Lodge offers up some of the most fun filled activities that the entire Green Mountain region has to offer. Even in the summer time, the events are plentiful.

One of the nice things about the Cascades Lodge is that you can plan a trip on your own, or you can have the resort do it for you. Tours can be arranged for any number of guests and this allows you to be able to see all that the area has to offer no matter what time of year it may be. Because everything is planned for you, you only have to worry about having a great time.

While the Cascades Lodge is known for its easy access via walking distance to the ski lifts in the winter time, the summer offers up just as much convenience. The lodge is literally walking distance to some of the most amazing and beautiful golf courses that you will ever feast your eyes on.

The lodge also has an award winning resultant and pub and there is of course plenty of local shopping and excitement as well. You can also take up some of the best fishing that Vermont has to offer or just relax and take a nice long canoe ride in one of the pristine waterways in Killington.

Job opportunities are almost as plentiful as all of the activates that are always going on at the Cascades Lodge in Killington, Vermont. If you have a knack for pleasing others and you enjoy a great atmosphere where the faces are always changing, then you may just find the perfect summer employment for yourself at the Cascades Lodge.

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